Consolidation & Distribution

African Channel Distribution consolidate and distribute magazines, newspapers, books, greetings-cards, retail products, gifts, CD’s and DVD’s, stationery including printer supplies and more.  Our logistics service provides for clearing, collection and delivery, ensuring a 360° supply service.

Controlled Free Distribution

We offer a Controlled Free Distribution Service (CFD) through our partner network, where product owners and distributors of magazines and newspapers can gain access to a select audience in relevant environments.  The publications are made available and visible to a qualified audience with the purpose of exposing the selected audience to the specific product or publication. The exercise can also be conducted as part of promotional activity or a sampling exercise.

Amongst others, African Channel Distribution has a list of premium hotels and lodges, restaurants, trade authorities, government departments and financial institutions that participate in this service offering. A tailor-made solution can be designed in order to reach the desired audience or industry vertical.

Subscription Delivery

African Channel Distribution, through its appointed agents, is able to provide a solution for the delivery of subscription copies via physical hand-delivery or via insertion into the local postal system (re-mail). Physical hand-delivery is limited to the capital city and surrounds in each country. Our consolidated charge for hand-delivery and remailing includes airport handling and customs clearance, as well as all costs associated with insertion into the local postal system and last mile, physical hand-delivery.  

Africa Channel Distribution’s comprehensive, multi-channel distribution service will ensure that your products are delivered into Africa, without a hitch.  Contact us today for a free quote or any assistance.